For all who’ve followed Nostylgia from the beginning know us as an “exclusive” sneaker shop but what does that even mean, especially now.  Let’s examine. Without going alllllllllllll the wayyyyyyyyyy back to Jordan and why sneakers became fashion lets fast forward to somewhere in the late 90s early 2000 era when us seekers of some mythical “TRUTH” in our ensembles started going the extra distance for our feet. Starting with deadstock vintage kicks on eBay before it was popular,  to SBs from these rural skateshops before anyone except for Supreme had them in the city, and on to imports for all over the world the sneaker craze was born and grew like wild fire.  All the while, the accompanying clothing to match the kicks got crazier and crazier. Colorful Tees(yeah we made a few), all over hoodies(ok I admit we did one but it was classy), countless upstarts all trying to get a piece of the craze, but for some like myself, something didn’t feel right. WHERE DID CLASSIC GO?  Uh-oh, time for the big boys to sweep in and flood the market with sneakers and apparel. No searching necessary either, all the bloggers take care of that now.  So “exclusive” isn’t so “exclusive” when “exclusive” is all you find.

The  search for “TRUTH” goes on but where and why? Maybe it’s an innocence us fashions seekers search for, a purity of style, something that will “always” remain classic, a manafestation of our humanly feudal nature to seek stability in an ever chaotic world. That, coupled with the ever maturing of the individuals who pave these fashion paths forced naturally led us to look back even further to what was around before fashion was even fashionable, when people wore clothing because it kept them warm, dry, and was tough enough to stand the tests of time, not to mention many of us are getting to an age where shirts with cartoons all over them might not work anymore(they never worked for some). Some of us, despite our colorful sneakers or maybe even because always coveted this deeper need for CLASSIC, a sense of balance in world of extremes. Maybe it’s has something to do with patriotism in this global society that seems to see the once great American aesthetic  floundering in all areas of industry. For Nostylgia, these feelings were nothing new. This search for “TRUTH” , “CLASSIC”, or stability in a chaotic world is in essence the DEFINITION of NOSTYLGIA and the American aesthetic was always at the heart of our brand. Whether sneakers or whatever comes next, Nostylgia will continue to be what we always were, “THE NEW AMERICAN CLASSIC”.

Style changes but classic remains the same.


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