A Week to Fight AIDS!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


We all know that AIDS is one of the leading fatal diseases the world has ever seen. We might think that with all the support the fight against AIDS has received that this is an issue that has already been solved but we’d be very wrong. AIDS still kills over 2 million people yearly and is still a cause worth fighting for.

Here at Nostylgia this is our 3rd year involved with the NYC AIDS Walk. We ask that everyone show you support by purchasing one of our limited edition Nostylgia “RED” Clock V-Neck Tee Shirts(Mens & Womens) for $30 with all proceeds being donated to The AIDS Walk Foundation. Our goal this year is to raise at least $1000 so any extra donations are welcome and we’ll be updating our progress daily so check in to see where we’re at and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!

We’d also like ANYONE & EVERYONE(even dogs) to join the NOSTYLGA WALKING PARTY! Anybody who was with us last year knows how much fun we had for a great cause.  LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

For more info call us (212) 304-0337


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