IT Happens @ Nostylgia…

A lot happens at Nostylgia. Yes we sell our excellently tailored, US made clothing, yes we serve some of the most amazing tea, hot and cold, and yes we have rousing games of chess for players of all levels, but what’s happening at Nostylgia is so much more. Nostylgia is a hub of  positivity,random meetings of the minds, and an impromptu launching pad for anything and everything to uplift our people, our community, and our world. 

Realizing that these Nostylgia happenings are becoming just as important to who we are as what we sell this “IT Happens @ Nostylgia…” series will highlight some of these magical moments that only happen at Nostylgia.

Todays moment was sparked by our recent art show opening for David Ferrando and a chance meeting between him and famous Domican artist and gallery owner Oscar Abreu. Ferrando who has painted the world over has been offered a new beginning with Abreu and the proposition for grand exhibitions in the Domican Republic and beyond for the very near future.  A wonderful connection that just seems to be the norm when IT happens at Nostylgia!


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