Nostylgia is “AWESOME”…

Meet Kieran

– Age 11

– Originally born in Inwood but now living in Tulsa, OK 

Kieran popped into Nostylgia a few nights ago to ask what time we opened. The next day he showed up at that time and promptly whipped in a game of chess just as his family came to tell him they had to go. Today, he shows up again to graciously grant me a re-match and to try one of Nostylgia’s Famous Peppermint Teas from the Inwood Tea Bar. After asking if we accept credit cards for the tea, he told me he only had $3 buck cash so I decided to raise the stakes on our rematch by put the tea on the line. He wins its free, I win, he pays. It was a neck and neck game(sorta) but in the end Kieran did it to me again just as he got another call from the family that it was again time to run.

His energy and enthusiasm were so high I just had to give him a quick interview for the blog before he left. When asked which part of the city he liked best after a vacation full of sightseeing, he immediately said right here and when asked why, simply put, “it has everything you need”. About our store, his impression was first noticing the chess then the cool clothing and all the colorful artwork, “AWESOME”. Finally asking about the tea which I already knew the answer to after he finished in about 0.7 seconds, again “AWESOME”.

Well Kieran, you’re AWESOME!  We hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and make sure you show off your Classic Solid Nostylgia Tee Shirt when your back in Tulsa!  It’s meeting people like you that fuels the passion behind Nostylgia and the Lifestylgia!


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  1. Your NOSTYLGIA reminded me of Knights of the Square Table (NOST) which started in Penfield, NY in the 1950s and lasted over 50 years. It had a membership of over 400 at one point, held an annual convention in various parts of the country with many being MENSA members who enjoyed many games that included chess, chess variants, checkers,go, shogi,puzzles, etc. But it was mainly chess that bound them together. Why it broke up is hard to say but it banded together with its cousin The Miller Group. Many of course died over those years.

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