A COLLARful Idea From Way Back When…

In those nostylgic days of yore, when men were men and just slightly less kempt out on the frontier, it was common practice or lack of practice that is, when it came to washing ones garments especially ones delicates like hand-made shirts. The only part that really got dirty was the collar anyway, so practical, as our ancestors were, the detachable collar became standard in men’s shirting.  Why painstakingly wash a whole shirt, when you can just wash and change collars? Now be clear, Nostylgia is not advocating lack of cleanliness in this modern-day and age, however the ingenuity of this idea is still plenty relevent. While it’s a lot easier to wash full garments now-a-days, we still like value, and what’s more valuable than a shirt with 3 collars, nonetheless, an Oxford with 3 collars, and one of them is premium leather, O my! It’s almost too much to handle!  But if you’re feeling Nostylgic and you’re ready to combine the best of then with the best of now, try out one of these hand-made in the USA, amazing, collar changing gems for only $200. Now available, in store and by phone order (212)304-0337.


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