Open During Renovation::Part 1…

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We promised you it was coming! The time is here! Construction of The Inwood Tea Bar & Chess Lounge 2.0 is officially underway. Last week was demo(sorry too dirty for picture taking). This week starts building of the new customer friendly bathroom, a must for obvious reasons when serving delicious liquids and then on to the cafe space itself, formerly known as our stockroom. Check out some of the messy before pics and the progress we’re making.  Stop in for renovation savings as its business as usual up front. You might even run into some freebies, so stay tuned to the blog for weekly updates and progress reports.  Re-defining Nostylgia and re-building from within; the spirit of Americana and always a driving force of behind Nostylgia, Lifestylgia, THE NEW AMERICAN CLASSIC!


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  1. Looking forward to checking out the new place. Fun watching all the supplies go in the front door wondering what the final product will be. VERY exciting.

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