Irish Knit Sweaters…

From the blustery fields of Ireland’s Aran Isles the fishing and farming Gaelic peoples developed these unmistakable sweaters.  The art of which has been passed down for over 100’s of generations. Timelessly utiltarian, and made to work through nature’s harsh elements, little has changed from the early days; a trait always covetted by Nostylgia. Originaly spun from untreated sheeps wool in order to preserve the waterproof quality of the sheeps natural oils these sweaters became a favorite of not only Irish workers in the the homeland but of  Irish Americans like the Kennedys, preppily tied over their shoulders on days like today ready to warm their classic Americana Lifestyles.  As barers of the perverbial torch we pass these Nostylgic Vintage Irish sweaters down to our customers. We continue giving a piece of clothing, a bit of history, and a slice of Nostylgia. We are the “New American Classic”.


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