Apparel History: THE MACKINAW COAT

As it’s almost time to say goodbye to winter once and for all in 2011 I want to pay personal homage to the coat that got me through the season, my little friend called Mackinaw. But who or what is Mackinaw? 

After some research I learned Mackinaw was originally a name of a very heavy weight, water repellant wool fabric invented sometime in the early 1800’s by traders in the Lake Michigan area. Named after the Straits of Mackinac, the coats created by this fabric became the standard among all outdoorsmen of the Midwest and it’s usefullness has endured throught the centuries.

Manufactured by many great American clothing brands, my dear Mackinaw was made by Woolrich in the 1960s.  Lucky for you though they made more than one back then and  Nostylgia still has an identical twin in stock and on sale. So stop in soon, get Mackinaw now and after winter 2012 you’ll be thanking Mackinaw too.


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