Due to popular demand and a few new publicity outlets we’ve decided to extend the mural submission date 2 more weeks. Even better we’ve decided to up the ante and add a $200 cash prize in addition to the $300 store credit. The new entry submission date is now Friday, March 25. All the other rules are the same. If you have any questions at all or need any direction please do not hesitate to contact us. All the details you need to know are below.

How it works:

A quarterly contest to find the best mural design for the upcoming season. The 1st contest will be for Spring 2011.

Who is eligible: 

  • All artists interested in designing and implimenting a mural on the face of two ajoining walls. Sizes 13′H x 13′W and 13′H x 9′W. 
  • Concepts must be submitted in full rendering. Email to in Jpeg format, max. size 1mb.
  • Artwork must reflect the Spring Season and compliment the outdoor park theme already established in the Tea Bar area.

– Winner Recieves:

  • $300 Nostylgia Storewide Credit
  • $200 CASH PRIZE
  • Mural with artist credits displayed to general public for 4 months.
  • All supply expenses paid
  • A video highlighting and chronicling the contest
  • Additional press and publicity exposure furnished by Nostylgia 

-NEW Deadline For Submission: FRIDAY MARCH 25th, 2011

  • Winner will be chosen and announced Monday March 28th.
  • Mural creation will commence as soon as possible and must be completed within a reasonable time frame.

 Good Luck to All,



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