This Nostylgia design collaboration with yet another talented local artist, Erich Erving, was inspired by 1950’s vintage iron-on graphics that celebrated our original American Frontiersmen like Daniel Boone who forged their way West into a pristine wilderness much like Inwood, symbolically the final frontier of this Manhattan landscape.  Long settled by generations of diverse New Yorkers and most recently known for its rich Latino heritage our Uptown neighborhood is a throwback to a forgotten NYC when neighborhoods were neighborhoods and they had a unimitateable natural pulse of their own.  Nostylgia is proud to call this “Frontera” our home for life, and it is an indelible part of our brand identity. Unlike the American frontier though we aim to retain the natural environment of Inwood and uptown in all its glory. So whether you’re a new or old resident or even just a visitor, stop into Nostylgia to pick up a “La Frontera” T-Shirt and to experience the spirit of Inwood embodied within our store, a unique experience and without a doubt, the best in NYC!



After over 100 hours of hand illustration work just the way it  was done in the glory days of fashion advertising and design, we are finally  proud to introduce the Nostylgia: New American Classic 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook. Inspired by decades of American fashion, lifestyle, culture, and last but never least utilitarian use,  we bring you 4 distinct original collections ranging from US Naval and American Frontier for the Spring to Classic Prep and 40’s Beach for the Summer.  Highlights include a feather weight wool lapel waistcoat with leather trim, an interchangeable collar tuxedo shirt, a captains lace trimmed anchor t-shirt, a shawl neck naval cardigan, a color cavalcade of chino shorts and pants, and a vintage surfer hand print look neck camp shirt just for starters. Not to mention our timeless standards like America’s Favorite Insignia V-Neck, all handmade right here in New York City, USA!  We have something for everyone’s tastes and needs. In a word, it’s all “Lifestylgia”.

Spring items will be arriving in store and Online on our new e-commerce site(oops I guess I spilled the beans on our secret project) over the next 2 weeks.  Stay tuned for updates and we encourage everyone to share your feedback on this milestone project for Nostylgia Fashions Inc, now and forever, “The New American Classic”

The Nostylgia Library…

Over the years several interesting books have come and gone at Nostylgia and when taking in our robust atmosphere, they help to simplify the definition of Nostylgia and paint a vivid picture of all that is LIFESTYLGIA. Stop by to check out our latest addition to the Nostylgia Library, “A Gentleman’s Wardrobe” by Paul Keers. The perfect compliment to a Nostylgia Tea from The Inwood Tea Bar and Chess Lounge.


The New American Classic is built by hand like all classics should be and do it yourself projects are a regular thing at Nostylgia. Whether building, painting, or creating in any way, DIY is always option 1,2,and 3.

This weeks project is hand made in store signage for our many clothing and shoe displays,  a long overdue need at Nostylgia. So we finally decided to tackle this small project starting with an old 2×4 leftover from a previous DIY project. Step 2 was to cut it into 12″ peices on my balcony in Yonkers, then to stain and hang dry right in front of Nostylgia at 251 Dyckman, where our DIY projects always draw a crowd asking, “what the heck are you guys up to now”.

To be continued…

Get Suspended at Nostylgia…

Nostylgia fashion is born from utilitarian needs and is developed over time from the simple ideal that clothing, like any other tool, must work for you while you work doing whatever it is you do.  Pants can keep you dry and warm and offer pockets for convenience but without a means to keep them around your waist they’d simply trip you up. While a belt is the more common solution of the times, there is always more than one way to get a job done and for many years suspenders like these were the number one option for keeping your britches out of the ditches.  Nostylgia stocks a wide selection of vintage button on suspenders for both blue and white collar occasions. So keep those pants up, get suspended at Nostylgia, and continue to  live LIFESTYLGIA!


Nostylgia’s design ideals are firmly grounded in historically simple yet utilitarian ideas.  However, never re-inventing the wheel only subtly improving it like we do sometimes makes the details hard to notice. While we hope this is the desired effect for the wearer it has come to our attention that our customers are unaware of some of these enhancements before they actually have our garments on.

So here we take a closer look at our “simple” crew neck sweatshirts. Classic activewear, good for almost any occasion, and now much improved with hidden pockets and leather button and loop closures to secure your goods. These enhanced crewnecks come in 9 different colors, originally $80 now on SALE 25% off or 2 for $100.  Limited supplies available, so next time at Nostylgia make sure you pay close attention to the details!


On St. Patty’s day Nostylgia salutes the Irish-American lifestyle that has given so much to our timeless Americana lifestyle. 




Kid comes into Nostylgia and asks , “Mister, why you put pennies in those shoes”. I tell him, “because they’re penny loafers”. “Oh” and a puzzled look is all that follows. Sorry, that’s all I knew, but pay attention kiddies because here’s the real answer, book report style.

The loafer shoe style itself was brought to market by the Spaulding Company in early 1930’s, modeled after shoes worn by Norwegian farmers as seen in an article in Esquire Magazine. Bass Shoes shortly added the strap with a lip design for style and stability. However loafer users soon discovered the straps storage capibilities, holding just enough change for an emergency pay phone call. Function as usual soon turned to fashion thanks to American icons like James Dean, The Kennedy’s, and the legend Michael Jackson. All making the penny and the loafer and inseperable pair and an indefinite part of Nostylgia.



Unlike Darwin’s Universe, the Nostylgia Universe evolves in reverse while constantly pushing forward. Like our favorite store fixture, the milk crate, one of the world greatest inventions with 1001 uses. It’s been modernized for cost and efficiency but like most of modernity it’s lost its art and craftsmanship. The future is a about bringing those things back. “Nostylgia is that Future”.


Looking to get rid of that junk thats been sitting in your home or storage unit? Well lucky for you, Nostylgia is now in the consignment junk business. Except here at Nostylgia what one might consider junk we see as pieces of history that stood the test of time and remained in their original form,  simply perfect! Now, we’re not looking for everything but ANYTHING tht fits the Nostylgia Lifestylgia will be gladly added to our inventory of unique antiques and sold at the price you desire. Upon sale you will recieve 75% of the sale price.

Here’s a short list but not limit of what we might be looking for:

  • Old Packing Crates
  • Vintage Men’s Care Accessories
  • Vintage Stationary
  • Vintage Tools
  • Vintage Electronics
  • Vintage Retail Displays
  • Old Signs
  • Etc., Ect., Ect.

It’s pretty simple, like most of what grows into a full business plan here at Nostylgia, what started as an in-house hobby of collecting for mainly show and tell will now be an essential part of what we offer you,  LIFESTLYGIA! SO START YOUR DIGGING AND LIVE IT!