This Nostylgia design collaboration with yet another talented local artist, Erich Erving, was inspired by 1950’s vintage iron-on graphics that celebrated our original American Frontiersmen like Daniel Boone who forged their way West into a pristine wilderness much like Inwood, symbolically the final frontier of this Manhattan landscape.  Long settled by generations of diverse New Yorkers and most recently known for its rich Latino heritage our Uptown neighborhood is a throwback to a forgotten NYC when neighborhoods were neighborhoods and they had a unimitateable natural pulse of their own.  Nostylgia is proud to call this “Frontera” our home for life, and it is an indelible part of our brand identity. Unlike the American frontier though we aim to retain the natural environment of Inwood and uptown in all its glory. So whether you’re a new or old resident or even just a visitor, stop into Nostylgia to pick up a “La Frontera” T-Shirt and to experience the spirit of Inwood embodied within our store, a unique experience and without a doubt, the best in NYC!