After over 100 hours of hand illustration work just the way it  was done in the glory days of fashion advertising and design, we are finally  proud to introduce the Nostylgia: New American Classic 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook. Inspired by decades of American fashion, lifestyle, culture, and last but never least utilitarian use,  we bring you 4 distinct original collections ranging from US Naval and American Frontier for the Spring to Classic Prep and 40’s Beach for the Summer.  Highlights include a feather weight wool lapel waistcoat with leather trim, an interchangeable collar tuxedo shirt, a captains lace trimmed anchor t-shirt, a shawl neck naval cardigan, a color cavalcade of chino shorts and pants, and a vintage surfer hand print look neck camp shirt just for starters. Not to mention our timeless standards like America’s Favorite Insignia V-Neck, all handmade right here in New York City, USA!  We have something for everyone’s tastes and needs. In a word, it’s all “Lifestylgia”.

Spring items will be arriving in store and Online on our new e-commerce site(oops I guess I spilled the beans on our secret project) over the next 2 weeks.  Stay tuned for updates and we encourage everyone to share your feedback on this milestone project for Nostylgia Fashions Inc, now and forever, “The New American Classic”