If there is one thing you should know about Nostylgia, it’s simply that we love our neighborhood and we love local business in general! Joined in this Nostylgic adoration for local pride by Artist Tony Peralta, we present another great collaberation with his famous Peralta Project. “Hecho a Mano”, the hand printed project by Peralta available exclusively at Nostylgia, 251 Dyckman St., features some of last year’s classic designs as well as some new additions and colorways for 2011. Show you support for local business whether your from this neighborhood or any neighborhood and stop by Nostylgia to  pick up a tee today!


The Inwood Tea Bar TODAY @ The “Off The Map Holiday Market”…


Go visit Gina, The Inwood Tea Bar’s Barista at the 1st ever Off The Map Market @ Bread and Yoga Studio on Broadway and 207th. Lots of great arts and crafts for sale and off course Gina will be whipping up the best Tea in town. Get there!!!


It’s that time of year again. The Dominican Day Parade is around the corner and here at Nostylgia we like show our apprecition and draw inspiration from our neighborhood Dominicans who are always just around the corner.  But these shirts aren’t your average “I {HEART} DR” tees.  Designed by local Artist Tony M. Peralta, NOSTYLGIC in every way,  these subtle designs are the perfect mixture of cultures and are made for everyone to enjoy(ex: Jewish guy below). Inspired by DR, Made in the USA, and forever the NEW AMERICAN CLASSIC! NOSTYLGIA LIFESTYGIA!    


Where is the best part of NYC? Anybody, anybody? SOHO…That’s not even for NYers anymore. Midtown…What are you a millionaire? BK…Go ahead…be trendy…You better protect your neck!!

Its simple – UPTOWN BABY!! The final frontier. The last “unsettled” territory on the island and the richest land of all. History, culture, nature, and NOSTYLGIA!

Local artist Tony Peralta shares this love for all to appreciate, locals and visitors alike.  The Peralta Project represents just a piece of the revolutionaryUptown renaissance taking place.  Purchase a limited T-shirt at Nostylgia and be a part of the Revolution!