Stories have been told about them, movie’s and countless afterschool specials have been based on them; so what could be more Nostylgic than that four letter word that many high schoolers dream of…PROM. Yes, prom – the teenager’s rite of passage all packed into a single night designed to transform your average kid into a wining, dining, and dancing connoisseur of the black tie affair.

While Nostylgia is not advocating the wining part, we are teaming with Operation PROM and running a men’s formal wear drive. Nostylgia will be taking donations stating immediately and throughout the entire Month of May. We will gladly offer a 10% discount to anybody who is able to donate. While dresses are a bit easier to come by, Tuxedo are a rarer donation and Operation PROM often has to pay close to full priced for evening rentals; so they REALLY NEED THIS!

Operation PROM an AMAZING 501 C 3 Charity founded by Noel D’ Allaco in 2005. They serve to provide underprivileged students with dresses, tuxedos and all the things(not including wine) needed to enjoy Prom the way so many generations have before. They also provide scholarships and a vast array of  help for students moving on to the next steps of their educational pursuits.  Started in NY, Operation Prom now has chapters in many states across the nation and the students they help need all the donations you can afford.

Please spread the word to anybody who may have formal wear to donate. Operation PROM will also provide proof of donations for tax write-off purposes.